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Jurnal DINDA ROSALINA, 15 Feb 21

For those of you who come across this post, how many calories do you eat a day? Is eating 1000kcal/day (or under) safe for all adults? Please do share your experience

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1800 kkal Lemak: 66,83g | Prot: 114,61g | Karb: 188,10g.   Makan Pagi: Tempeh (Cooked) , Kuah bumbu bali, Brown Rice, Elle & Vire Yogurt 0.1% Fat Fraise Strawberry, Peanut Butter Cookie, Fried or Battered Breaded Floured Shrimp, Nextar Nastar, Fried Tofu (with Calcium Sulfate) , Cabbage , Tomatoes, Cucumber. Makan Siang: Solaria Kwetiau Siram Seafood, Boiled Egg, Nasi Lemak, Chicken Thigh (Skin Not Eaten), Indonesian Fried Tempeh. Makan Malam: Cheese Bread, Brown Rice, Tempeh (Cooked) , Roasted Broiled or Baked Chicken Thigh (Skin Not Eaten), Curry Sauce (Dry, Dehydrated) , Indonesian Steamed Tofu, Fried Beef. Camilan/Lainnya: Elle & Vire 0% Fat Yogurt Strawberry. lagi...
1500 kkal Latihan: HIIT - 17 menit, Berdiri - 1 jam, Kerjaan Kantoran (Dibalik Meja) - 9 jam dan 53 menit, Mengemudi - 1 jam dan 30 menit, Istirahat - 3 jam dan 20 menit, Tidur - 8 jam. lagi...

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Kw mw tanya kk patokan TDEE sama BMR nya pakek di applikasi FS atau yg lain ? Di FS cuma ada TDEE aja ya  
15 Feb 21 oleh anggota: atikah_assegaf
Aku awalnya patokan diluar yaa. Tapi krn skrg udh maintenance, jd bebas mau nentuin tdee brp aja 
15 Feb 21 oleh anggota: DINDA ROSALINA
Ok Kak Terima Kasih 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Klo gitu aq tak pakek patokan di luar aja 😌😌😌 
15 Feb 21 oleh anggota: atikah_assegaf
I average around 1260 calories a day and don't feel hungry for more. I would say it depends on how tall you are if it is healthy for you. For most adults it won't be healthy as it isn't enough to power them while resting but if you are short say 4ft 9in and aren't very active (ex. sports, weightlifting, etc.) it may be enough calories for you. I say listen to your body if its not hungry then don't eat more even if you haven't got a 1000 calories in 1 day. Occasionally I will have days that are under 1000 calories but they aren't often. Most of the normal calorie counts on here are based on norms for European body types so if you are a different ethnicity you may need to look up what would be normal for you. Gentetics do play a part on how and where you store fat and muscle and what effect it has on your long term health. What is healthy for you may not match what is healthy for someone else.  
15 Feb 21 oleh anggota: IceDahlia
1000 Kcal is quite low for any adult to maintain a healthy weight and still have the energy they need to get through their day without relying on energy drinks, sugary drinks, or excess caffeine. It is the lowest safest number of calories to consume over an extended period of time for weight *loss.* If you're looking to maintain your weight and also have energy to get thru your day, you'll probably need around 1600-2000 calories, depending on your frame and metabolism.  
15 Feb 21 oleh anggota: she_loves
*cracks knuckles* I’m glad you asked. For the first time in my life, I’ve found something that works. I eat around 1,200 calories per day, spread out over six meals eaten every 2-3 hours. All meals have at least 10 grams of protein, and one meal has about 6 oz. of protein and three servings of non-starchy vegetables. I also drink over a gallon of water daily, plus I’ve increased my movement tenfold. I do more around the house, outside, etc. So far, I have had no side effects—no dizziness, no energy lag, etc. My energy is high, I sleep better, and I’m losing pounds and inches! Best of luck to you! 
15 Feb 21 oleh anggota: Walnut Keeper
otw google translate 🤭😁 
15 Feb 21 oleh anggota: Aming73
kek org korea :( 
15 Feb 21 oleh anggota: sarah.dwisaputri
Great jacket 
15 Feb 21 oleh anggota: brettzel71
you shouldn't go below 1200 
15 Feb 21 oleh anggota: RN16
@deynaraei ±1500 aja dah aman | @Aming73 ceritanya lagi iseng pindah region, suhu😂 | @sarah.dwisaputri korea dengan kearifan low-cal :"))) 
15 Feb 21 oleh anggota: DINDA ROSALINA
I personally will still out if I stay under 1,000 calories a day. I do best in ALL areas, if I stay in the range of 11 to 1400. 
15 Feb 21 oleh anggota: PrairieRains
is your cycle still regular? 1500 is good unless under 5 foot 
15 Feb 21 oleh anggota: Shaylee Pavlis
Thanks for the insight! Recently in my region, there are so many users eating under 1000kcals/day. Some of them even go as low as 400-500kcals a day and no matter how many times they're warned by other users, they always hide behind the excuse of "But im not hungry" and/or "I've been eating like this for months and I feel okay". I do agree that your RDI depends on your age, height, weight, activity levels etc but going as low as 500kcal/day isn't healthy for anyone, unless they're on a program designed by a registered dietitian. I don't know much about it, but as far as I know even registered dietitian/nutritionist here wont recommend meal plans below 600kcal a day. 
15 Feb 21 oleh anggota: DINDA ROSALINA
As for me, I eat around 1700-1800kcals/day. I'm still experimenting, though. I started out at 1250kcal for 2-3months and after that, I slowly increased it by 50-100kcals/week. I'm a huge fan of strength training, and I'm currently learning about intuitive eating. My cycle is always regular. Never been better, this path really transforms me both physically and mentally. 
15 Feb 21 oleh anggota: DINDA ROSALINA
Your calorie intake is dependent on your energy output. I adjust my calories based on my daily activity. if it is going to be a sedentary day I stick to about 1200 per day. If I am hiking, swimming or otherwise putting out physical effort I adjust accordingly.  
15 Feb 21 oleh anggota: Kenna Morton
15 Feb 21 oleh anggota: rahma_maruye
I eat 18-2k. I work out a lot and am hungry lol 
15 Feb 21 oleh anggota: jenny b fit
Doing that I’ve lost 13 lbs so far in about six weeks 
15 Feb 21 oleh anggota: jenny b fit
I eat 1200 a day especially because I workout alot. Sometimes I don't make it and sometimes I go over but it's all about balance.💜 
15 Feb 21 oleh anggota: Diana 1234


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